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Choosing a worktop involves more than just picking a colour… the range of worktop materials is huge at CHIC, with materials to suit an uber modern apartment or a Cheshire countryside cottage.

The right worktop can make a good kitchen become a great kitchen, and with the choice of materials increasing, there are more options than ever before. Take a look through our guide below to help you arrive at the right option for your kitchen.

CHIC Worktop Range



At CHIC we have a range of opulent granites to complete your kitchen. With many on display, it’s easy to make your choice. Granite has long been the classic, natural choice to make a kitchen feel luxurious.

Add to this that fitting is included in the price, it is sure to impress guests who visit your home.



Quartz injects glamour into a kitchen… many styles include glitz and sparkle helping make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.

Subtle tones are also available helping to create an understated but high quality surface.



Minerva is a practical and solid kitchen worksurface material that delivers a luxurious appearance whilst giving robust performance day in, day out.

The ability to joint it to give a near invisible joint provide clean flowing lines and the cool touch of solid stone.

A major benefit to this surface is the ability to include a moulded sink unit adding to the seamless look and reducing installation time. All other sink types can work with Minerva ensuring all your design needs are met.


mistral worktops

Mistral is part of the same family of worktops as Minerva, as it is a man made composite solid surface worktop.

The Mistral range offers different colours to Minerva and benefits from the same performance in a working kitchen and the ability to get a near invisible joint on longer stretches of worktop.


maxtop worktop

Max-top allows you to achieve the look and feel of quartz without the problems of lifting and fitting a heavy slab of rock!

With a honeycomb composite core and quartz exterior shell it is the lighter and cheaper way to get a quartz worktop without the price tag.

Available in a large range of colours and styles, Max – Top has expanded its range giving you more to choose from.



Maia worksurfaces are a stylish and durable range of solid surface worktops from Sylmar. Seamless joins and a silky smooth finish make maia’s designer worksurfaces a luxurious addition to your home.

Real Wood

oak worktop

Real wood worktops have always provided kitchens with the warmth of natural materials.

Whilst they may require a little more maintenance than other surfaces, if looked after they will provide many years of durable use.

At CHIC we offer a large choice of wooden worktops from Oak through to Walnut to give you plentiful colour choices.


maxtop worktop

Laminate worktops are a popular choice and provide a durable surface at a reasonable cost.

Over time laminate worktops have developed an unrivaled choice of colours, whether its a real wood effect or the marbling granite effect you’re looking for, there is a laminate surface for everyone.

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